Swimming Can Help Mesothelioma Patients

Swimming Can Help Mesothelioma Patients

Swimming Can Help Mesothelioma PatientsMaintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is essential to recovering from any form of disease. But after a certain age, this becomes a necessity instead of an option. With the pass of time, our bodies begin to degenerate and our metabolism begins to slow. Having a good diet, practicing regular physical activity, and maintaining a lifestyle free of stress are some of the general recommendations that everybody knows and gives.

Mesothelioma patients are not the exception to this. Patients diagnosed with stage 4 mesothelioma or any form of mesothelioma can also benefit from the recommendations above, but especially by having an active lifestyle. One of the issues with cancer patients is that they may not feel healthy enough to exercise routinely. Even in that case, there are many types of physical activities that are possible instead of the traditional bodyweight and gym workouts.

General Benefits of Having an Active Lifestyle

Even for a person without cancer, a sedentary lifestyle can create a comfort zone where fatigue is very common. Doing daily chores around the house, parenting, and working can occupy the whole day, going to sleep feeling tired and waking up in the same status. But ironically, overcoming fatigue is the first step for having a healthier and more active lifestyle.

It is quite common for mesothelioma patients to feel tired, especially during cancer treatment, with strenuous chemotherapy and radiation therapy sessions. However, as stated above, including small routines of physical activity every day can increase their quality of life due to its many benefits. Both physical and mental health can be improved by adding some sessions of exercise regularly.

Practicing regular exercise routines can provide great benefits like:

  • Feeling less tired
  • Building muscle mass
  • Increasing cardiovascular resistance
  • Boosting stamina and endurance
  • Reducing stress
  • Helping to cleanse your organism
  • Increasing physical strength and flexibility
  • Enhancing blood circulation
  • And many more…

Of course, before beginning to practice any physical activity routine, patients should discuss the details with their physicians. This way, a plan designed specifically for the patients´ needs and limitations can be created.

Mesothelioma Patients May Receive Health Benefits from Swimming

When beginning to consider a physical activity, people usually overlook exercise routines that are not always included in the gym like yoga, tai chi, walking outdoors, and swimming. These are common mesothelioma alternative treatments which are suitable for just about any cancer patient. Just because a fitness trainer or weights are not involved, does not mean it is not beneficial.

If a patient likes swimming or has never considered it, this popular exercise is capable of giving great health benefits to the one who practices it. Doctors recommend this due to the many good things that it provides to both body and mind. By increasing the patient´s stamina and range of motion, this will assist with fighting fatigue in patients and also help you feel less tired as well as more active.

Swimming, either by doing just a few laps, going pro, or just staying in the pool for a while, provides several benefits to multiple body systems, especially the cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and the immune systems of the human body.

This exercise also helps reducing stress because it is simply fun to swim. Passing time with family and friends at the pool under sunlight and with a (healthy) drink in your hand can provide several benefits to your mental well-being. By being more physically active, the body starts to recover strength naturally.

Other cancer patients can also benefit from swimming

If swimming is good for mesothelioma patients, it should be also good for patients with other types of cancers, right? Yes, that is true. A clinical study published in the Strength and Conditioning Journal showed that swimming is emerging as one of the most applied exercises to cancer patients during and after treatment, improving their quality of life and providing enormous health benefits.

The study demonstrated that swimming is becoming an especially viable exercise option to breast cancer patients, offering multiple benefits such as postsurgical rehabilitation, improved cardiovascular condition, increased self-esteem, and reduced fatigue.

Nowadays, many oncology specialists are separating from the now old idea to have patients receive chemotherapy and maintain bed rest during the whole treatment. They insist especially on this subject because the benefits that cancer patients experience from swimming include:

  • Boosting red blood cell count and blood volume.
  • Increasing the delivery of oxygen molecules to vital organs.
  • Enhancing physical energy and anaerobic function.

Cancer treatment and exposure to possibly harmful elements

As stated above, before lounging in the pool, is important to discuss every detail with the doctor. Besides telling all the health benefits of swimming, he will also share a few guidelines regarding the concerns about the delicate state of a cancer patient´s body. Mesothelioma navy veterans may find this form of natural mesothelioma therapy very appealing.

Cancer treatment causes a huge impact on the body, with mesothelioma chemotherapy and mesothelioma radiation treatment often causing a variety of side effects for patients. Fatigue, nausea, hair loss, skin irritations, and immune deficiency are among the most frequent side effects. These can sometimes interfere with the swimming routine due to the patient’s safety.

During and after treatment, the skin may become irritated. This condition can get worse if mixed with the chlorinated pools or excessive sunlight exposure. Check yourself in a mirror and with your doctor about potential skin issues before taking a swim. Patients diagnosed with stage 3 mesothelioma may find this alternative mesothelioma treatment option very appealing.

A weakened immune system can be achieved by lowering blood counts during cancer treatment. This is why many find natural mesothelioma treatment to be so appealing. As everybody knows, swimming in a public pool full of people can increase the chances of exposure to germs. Also, ponds, lakes, creeks, or beaches are included in this list. Discuss with your doctor to select the right environment for you.

Be sure to discuss with your doctor about the many health benefits received with swimming. Trust us, this exercise will do good things for you.

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